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Why Choose Reflection Dental Laguna Hills?

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Dr. Sustaita and the staff treat all patients like their own family. Call for an appointment today!

At Reflection Dental Laguna Hills, we provide you with state of the art, optimum quality dental service. Our dentist Laguna Hills and the rest of the team cares for your oral health and aims to bring confident and charming smiles to the faces of all Laguna Hills residents. We have integrated emotions of care and professionalism with sophisticated technology in order to set new standards in the field of cosmetic dentistry 92675 with our cosmetic dentist Laguna Hills.

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Dr. Sustaita is an expert specialist in most types of general and cosmetic dentistry.

Meet Dr. Jocelyn Sustaita

Meet One of San Juan Capistrano's Most Compassionate Dentists: Jocelyn Sustaita, DMD

Dr. Jocelyn Sustaita grew up with a passion for healing, believing from a young age that she could and wanted to improve the quality of the lives of others. From a young age, it became obvious that she was gifted with talents for art, science, mathematics, as well as for communication and overall a compassion for people.

Dr. Sustaita grew up in Las Vegas, taking on many leadership roles along the way. She decided early on that she would follow the path of medicine and went on to study at Pepperdine University. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she decided to attend UNLV School of Dental Medicine where she would later receive her doctorate; all while being near her family.

That summer, she began her own dental mission to the villages in rural Sonora, Mexico to give back and provide help to the local people. By providing free dental emergency care at least once a year, she helps to relieve many people of disease, discomfort, and pain. By volunteering, this allowed her to educate and spread awareness in areas that otherwise would not have any access to dental care. In the future, she hopes to grow her mission by having dental students and doctors accompany her to Mexico in order to reach more people in need.

Today, she is grateful to practice general and cosmetic dentistry in a biologically friendly manner in two locations in Orange County, Laguna Hills and San Juan Capistrano.

Dr. Sustaita uses her continuing knowledge to implement a combination of nutritional advice, holistic and traditional medicine into her practice for customized patient care. And since going to dentist isn't necessarily something that most people are comfortable with, one of her primary goals is to help patients find that comfort and piece of mind while in the dental chair.

Dr. Sustaita also strongly believes that the oral cavity and mouth is a gateway to a person’s entire physical, emotional and spiritual health and that if patients can smile confidently they can improve their overall quality of life. Based on that belief, she is able to treat her patients as a systematic whole, believing strongly in preventative dentistry and education in order to really cure active dental issues.

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Our Specialists

Reflection Dental Laguna Hills in-house dental laboratory is equipped with a group of highly skilled dental technicians who help us customize all our restorations to suit each patient’s needs. Dr. Sustaita and her staff know that many patients are anxious, and are always sensitive to their needs. Since teeth play such an important role in each patients’ physical appearance, we encourage anyone to visit our office and discuss their options with Dr. Sustaita. We also want you to visit our emergency dentist Laguna Hills if you experience any severe and unbearable toothaches.

Dr. Sustaita and his team of professional dentists are always ready to treat their patients with the best of their knowledge and abilities. The sophisticated technology and modernized labs assist our team more in the diagnosis and treatment of dental illnesses.

Our primary services include:

  • Thorough exams
  • Comprehensive treatment plans
  • Easily understandable explanations
  • Treatments at affordable prices

Visit us today if you are feeling any issue with your teeth. We are here to serve you and bring back the smile that you long for.