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White Fillings By Our Dentist Laguna Hills

The main problem with teeth is that they tend to decay easily, especially when your dental hygiene is subpar. When teeth begin to decay, you begin to experience what is commonly known as a cavity. Why do people receive dental fillings for cavities? The answer is simple: to prevent decay from spreading further. Procedures such as root canals are needed if decay spreads deep into your tooth where the nerves are located.

The tricky part about cavities is that they do not always produce pain. By receiving a full x-ray examination once a year, your dentist Laguna Hills may be able to spot a cavity before it reaches a painful phase. If you experience pain from a cavity, you will most likely feel at least one of these dental symptoms:

  • Hot/Cold sensitivity that results in sharp pain upon contact.
  • Toothaches that range in severity.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medication to curb a toothache is a bad habit that may be masking a larger problem.
  • A small pit, or hole, in your tooth.
  • Pain when you bite down.

If you have been diagnosed with a cavity, then you will have the freedom of choice in choosing which material you would like. Many people have already been treated with silver amalgam fillings as they have been around since the idea of a dental filling came about. They offer great protection at lower cost prices, but are not aesthetically pleasing as other options. The other popular option is composite resin, which is a strong material that aims at resembling the natural color of your tooth.

The actual procedure is generally faster than many other procedures and has probably been performed many times by your dentist Laguna Hills. The procedure begins with a numbing process that involves the use of a local anesthetic, making sure you are comfortable. After the dentist has checked to make sure your tooth site is numb, they will then use a special tool designed to remove the decayed material on your tooth. Afterwards, your dentist will make sure your bite is properly aligned. The whole procedure lasts anywhere from 15-45 minutes, with a majority of the time spent on preparation.

Remember, the best defense against tooth decay and any other problems that may develop with your teeth is to maintain a routine habit of brushing at least twice a day (preferably after every meal) and flossing at least once per day (typically at nighttime after food has accumulated between teeth throughout the day).

Dental fillings offer more than just filling cavities; they can also be used when you have accidents involving cracks, chips, or from general wear and tear from habits such as grinding your teeth. Composite resin is a great choice for these incidents as it is more versatile than silver amalgam.

If you would like to know more information on dental fillings, then please do not hesitate to give or office a call @ (949) 558-2598 or you could contact us online.

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Parham N.


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Sam F.


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Mary S.


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Ned A.

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