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There are numerous at-home teeth whiteners that people can buy at their local pharmacy or grocery store. While do-it-yourself teeth whitening is cheaper than a dental office, how effective is it really?

The reason people’s teeth change color is because of aging and their diet, which may include coffee, tea, cola, and red wine. Also, use of tobacco, smoking and chewing, causes stains.

Teeth whitening trays are the most common at-home choices for dental whitening. The problem is these home whitening trays are manufactured made with generic molds designed for the average-size mouth. Because generic trays are one-size-fits-all, they can actually leak some of the bleaching solution, which causes tooth and gum irritation.

Peroxide is the key ingredient in most whiteners. This bleaching agent forms bubbles on the enamel to lift away stains from teeth. However, bleaching chemicals can get trapped in nerve passageways, causing increased, temporary tooth pain and sensitivity.

In contrast, a dentist Laguna Hills can make a custom molded whitening tray exactly for your mouth and apply a masking gel or dam to protect your gums during an in-office treatment. Your cosmetic dentist Laguna Hills supervises the in-office procedure, so that means a stronger bleaching solution can be used than what's used in home-whitening kits.

Also, in your dentist’s office, a light or heat source may be used to speed up the whitening process. Your dentist may also fit you for custom-made whitening trays that can be used at home.

It’s also important to note that teeth whiteners only work on natural enamel. If you whiten your teeth too much at home, your natural teeth can end up whiter than your crowns or composite fillings. However, a dental professional knows how to avoid these pitfalls of an uneven whitening look.

In-office whitening provides maximum whitening with minimal effort, time and the least tooth sensitivity. Professional supervision by a trained dentist means effectiveness and safety.

Also, keep in mind that while you are getting your teeth whitened by a dentist, she or she can also check for tooth problems, gum diseases and any loose fillings.

Many people want teeth whitening with fast results for weddings and other events. In-office whitening is perfect for these patients, while at-home whitening can take over a month or two.

Some patients start with in-office whitening treatments and continue their whitening at home, with the custom-made trays from a dental office.

At-home bleaching kits from the drugstore can give you a flash of white teeth, but don’t expect this to last long.

In the long run, your teeth will be whiter quicker and stay whiter for a longer period of time if you have your teeth whitened in a dental office.

If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, please call (949) 558-2598 to make an appointment with an experienced dentist today. Our dentists can fit you with a custom-made tooth-whitening tray that will fit your teeth perfectly and give you a dazzling smile, without any irritation. Call today for whiter teeth tomorrow!

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★★★★★Came here to get my tooth looked at, had a great experience. Dr. Sustaita and staff were exceptional! The Dentist is very kind and knowledgeable. I will be referring all my family and friends here!
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★★★★★Great service and wonderful dentist. I did several things. I started invisalign with them as well which will take me two years to complete. So far so good. I am recommending them to my friends as well. The best thing I like is not pushing services on that I don't need. Thank you.
Ned A.

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